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Комплект RetLight PRO 2 3000K

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  • Product Code: RetLight PRO 2 3000K
specification of the light device --- Комплект RetLight PRO 2 3000K
Colour temperature, K 3000к
Light output (Lumen/W) 1600/100
Running time at full power (Hour: Minute) 3:00
Power (V) The battery voltage is 12 V. the Voltage of the external power supply 12-15V 2-3A
sensors Battery status sensor. The temperature control sensor
On/off Sleep and transport mode. Standby mode. Operating mode. Light indication of modes
Adjusting the brightness of the luminous flux + electronic adjustment. two groups of brightness changes, two modes each
Adjusting the width of of the luminous flux Yes, mechanical
Package includes Device, Charger, Battery, Case. Universal tripod mount is integrated into the body of the device.
RetLight PRO 2 3000K

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